tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Ny header!


Endelig har jeg fått meg en ny header! Hva synes dere? Jeg ble kjempe fornøyd! :)

Jeg fikk hjelp av Ellen. Tusen takk! 

Ta en titt innom hennes søte kongelige blogg Royal-dream.

Ønsker alle en riktig god dag!

Klem fra Linda

8 kommentarer:

  1. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  2. Hei Linda! Så koselig at du likte den!
    Det var en kjempe koselig kveld i går og god mat :D
    Ha en super dag videre!

    Klem fra Ellen
    Ps. Takk for at du reklamerte for meg. Koselig :)

  3. Hei!
    Ja takk for koselig kveld i går ja :)
    Headeren var superfin ;)

    Klem Anette

  4. Hi,Lnda:-)
    The heading's perfect-for the cats'lovers!

  5. Hei Linda! Headeren var fin. Ha en fin kveld.

    Fra Lena.

  6. Hi again:-)
    May I have one ask to You...?
    People sometimes leave the window of 'observation' in my blog and it is hard to detect,who that was.Then occurs,that I still give comments to one,who left my blog for some reasons,which is of course in my opinion unfair.
    That's why I would like You to become my FOLLOWER,if You like my blog and I will do the same.
    Recently,I have such events,so I've 'escaped' from many blogs,which I observed and commented,but they never did so.
    I have decided mainly to 'talk' to people,who are my Followers and for whom I do the same.Blog's life teaches:-)
    So-please-become my Follower-You are always welcome,'cause I appreciate Your comments very much.
    It also concerns my future Giveaway,which I would prefer to make for people,who always observe and comment upon my works.
    As concerning cats-I love them very much and I had one,which I portrayed with my daughter once-You can see it in my blog two posts ago.
    Now,I have two girls-dachshunds a mother and a daughter-Niunia & Kropka.I love then so much-they are like cats in behaviour:-)
    Best Regards-Halinka-

  7. Heihei. Tusen takk for veldig hyggelig kommentar på bloggen min. Håpar du har ein flott dag med masse sol :):) klem oline

  8. hei

    Takk for koselig kommentar hos meg. Flott header du har:)



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